I’ll teach them

I was going to slow down and take as much time as I could to get my job done. I figure they we’re fucking with me once again, so I would just fuck with them in reciprocation. But they sure fooled me. They screwed up my load so bad it took the entire 14 hours to get my job done and get to the hotel. With no fucking off to be had. Well S.O.B! Maybe next time.

Most optimistic trucker

Got to work this morning early just so I could hear the scuttlebutt of what’s happing with the company. What you hear in the office is usually only about 50% true, so you have to pick and choose what you will believe. But that 50% that you think is true is bad enough to make your back shiver and totally depressed the most optimistic trucker. Why oh why have I stayed with this company so long. I know I have a stubborn streak in me but this is ridiculous.

Lord God Almighty himself

The day started off a little rough. But after I got on the road it turned out to be a good day. The trick is to not sweat the little stuff. Now if only I could remember that rule. I get caught up in a lot of trivial things and I just have to remember that life is getting to short for me to worry so much about other people’s bullshit. All I really need to do, is try to make myself happy, nobody else can do that for me. Not my coworkers or my wife and kids or Lord God Almighty himself.

Utterly exhausted

The weekend is over. We need to go to bed because this weekend has exhausted both my wife and I. This is what daylight savings time does to old people like us. Getting old just plain sucks. If only I could turn back the clock 35 years and do it all over again. Would I make the changes that needed to be made to make our lives better? I bet not! “Stupid is, what stupid does.” Quote from Forrest Gump.

Daylight Savings Time U.S.A.

Going to daylight savings time tonight or should I say early this  Sunday morning. I haven’t found a person yet that likes to lose an hour of his or her time on the weekend to this utter bullshit. We really need to get this to stop. But who in the hell do you call? Mr Trump? I don’t think so! This job is for the likes of Superman.

Company Politics

Hear are my thoughts for the day. Everyone in my company is out for themselves. You can’t trust a single soul at the plant. They will lie, cheat and steal to get ahead of everyone else or they will focus on themselves and say fuck the rest. They will sell there honor, integrity and soul for just a little favor from the boss. That boss in turn will reward the sold soul for penny’s on the dollar for a very short time and then command another pound of flesh to keep his favor. This is the world I live and I feel sad.

Observations during this week.

Watched a police officer and a convict with handcuffs on, both smoking in front of truck stop outside of Topeka KS.

Watched a homeless person standing between a Chick-fil-A double drive-threw with a sign say he was hungry. One of the employees was standing next to him making sure you didn’t hassle the customers. This did not stop the homeless man from trying.