Trucker George Podcast #1 Can anything else go wrong?

Turned in my truck for repairs and mechanic said he would have it back to me by the morning for my run. He didn’t keep his promise. Tried to use a different truck and the brakes were frozen and the mechanic could not get them freed up.

Because of the brake down the boss took my route away and gave it to another driver for the next day. Then he gave me a very short route instead. There went all of my overtime for the week. What a nice boss I have. Let’s punish a driver that has no control over the situation.

Got home and found out that I was going to be a grandfather. Daughter slapped an ultrasound picture on the kitchen table of our new grandchild after going to a doctor for a self diagnosis of a possible Cyst. Wife almost passed out. Happy and sad about it at the very same time.

Daughter is having trouble with boyfriend.

Daughter was trying to pay off student loans.

Wife is having hard time dealing with pregnancy. It’s affected her to the point that she’s been very scatterbrained this weekend. Can’t blame her because I’m feeling the same way.

Just got new hearing aids about 6 weeks ago and Saturday I found that they don’t work anymore. Paid $2700 and it’s now junk. Now I’m starting to get depressed.

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