No podcast but?

I had the day off but I just didn’t feel like doing anything today. Its been grey skies and ice has been building up on the bridges and overpasses. The weatherman says we could get up to one tenth of an inch of ice tonight. People of Missouri don’t do well when you combine ice with automobiles. They tend to crash a lot around here.

I decided that doing anything was not in the plans for today. I didn’t cook, clean, shower, watch TV, or make a podcast. Making a podcast is for people that are happy and positive about life and I was anything but that for sure. I did however go outside and place some salt on the driveway so that when my family came home they wouldn’t slide down the hill while trying to park their cars. I had to do something today to show my family that I love them very much. Or it could have been I just didn’t want my car destroyed at the bottom of the hill.

Boss called me today and told me that I was going to Omaha Nebraska in the morning. But I have news for him! If the ice is as bad as they say it will be, I’m going to stay home and do nothing again for the whole day and enjoy it. Boss is going to hate it but I don”t give a shit what he wants these days. He’s nothing but an asshole that thinks he’s a good person because he calls himself a christian. I don’t have anything against christian’s but self-righteous pompous christian’s such as my boss are in a whole different category of mentally deranged fucked up people.

I have motivated myself to take a shower so I don’t smell like a wet pig on a hot summer day when I go to bed with my wife tonight. I bet she will appreciate my effort and not sleep out on the couch tonight. Plus I’m feeling better then I did an hour ago. The family is home safe and sound and I don’t have to worry about them getting into a wreck on these icy roads. Wife is hoping that the schools close in the morning so she doesn’t have to deal with the ice too.

I was just think that I should tell you about my dispatcher on a podcast sometime soon. This is a man that’s trying to kill himself everyday at work and because nobody likes him they just don’t care if he does. Now when I say that he is trying to kill himself, I don’t mean that he’s been working way to hard. What I mean is he’s trying to comment suicide in the most painful way a man can. But that’s a podcast for another day. Now its time for bed, I’m one tired trucker after doing nothing all day long.

Good night world

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