What the hell is this thing?

Could not survive without penzu. I tried so many other ways to write down my thoughts but nothing worked with Apple and Windows together. So I guess its worth the money to have this service and compatibility. Plus its cheaper then setting up a complicated website that cost an arm and a leg to maintain.I will figure out something to do with the website because I paid for it for the next two years. Maybe I will just post picture with a few words in the comments section and let friends and family take a look. But I’m betting they will just ignore it like everything else I do on the web. I don’t blame them because it’s all boring for the most part.

As for today’s adventure not much happened on this rainy Saturday. Chris has a head cold that she picked up on Thursday and I have grounded her from everything except taking it easy. No shopping, washing or going outside. So I was the guy to go shopping, Walmart and Price Chopper here I come. That’s it other than watching a lot of Monk on the boob tube. What a stupid show, I really need to improve the quality of my entertainment. 

James did call and ask if we would like to come over for dinner but I had to decline because of Chris being so sick. However James asked if I and him could go out for breakfast on Sunday morning. He’s even buying or maybe he just has a coupon for two for one price. He’s done that before, I think it’s funny because he makes three times the money that I do. It’s still very nice of him to ask me out, I get a little cabin fever when I just stick around the house all. 

Daughter just suggested getting a new puppy. But we already have two small Chihuahuas to take care of plus she’s got a child on the way. I don’t know what the hell she is thinking. A 70 pound bluetick hound is not my idea of a inside dog and our puppies would just make a small snack for this soon to be monster of a dog. I think she’s nuts, if she thinks, she needs a new dog in her life with everything else that’s going on. But if she insists that’s fine as long as she moves out immediately. 

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