Company Politics

Hear are my thoughts for the day. Everyone in my company is out for themselves. You can’t trust a single soul at the plant. They will lie, cheat and steal to get ahead of everyone else or they will focus on themselves and say fuck the rest. They will sell there honor, integrity and soul for just a little favor from the boss. That boss in turn will reward the sold soul for penny’s on the dollar for a very short time and then command another pound of flesh to keep his favor. This is the world I live and I feel sad.

Observations during this week.

Watched a police officer and a convict with handcuffs on, both smoking in front of truck stop outside of Topeka KS.

Watched a homeless person standing between a Chick-fil-A double drive-threw with a sign say he was hungry. One of the employees was standing next to him making sure you didn’t hassle the customers. This did not stop the homeless man from trying.

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