What’s up people?

Got a new phone last week and now I’m trying it out on my website. I’m hoping that it will encourage me to post more often. The old iPhone that I was using with this app made things more difficult to do. This is going to be my version of Myspace or Facebook if you like, I’m in control now. lol

Now all I have to do is find a better website theme that suits my personality. I’m sure I will find something soon. A journal should match a person’s image. I like the old fashion type of websites that is just plan straight forward and simple to use. Makes it easy for a reader to read and see the pictures. So now things are set and we will see how this blog works out. Welcome to all of my friends. Old and new!

What the hell is this thing?

Could not survive without penzu. I tried so many other ways to write down my thoughts but nothing worked with Apple and Windows together. So I guess its worth the money to have this service and compatibility. Plus its cheaper then setting up a complicated website that cost an arm and a leg to maintain.I will figure out something to do with the website because I paid for it for the next two years. Maybe I will just post picture with a few words in the comments section and let friends and family take a look. But I’m betting they will just ignore it like everything else I do on the web. I don’t blame them because it’s all boring for the most part.

As for today’s adventure not much happened on this rainy Saturday. Chris has a head cold that she picked up on Thursday and I have grounded her from everything except taking it easy. No shopping, washing or going outside. So I was the guy to go shopping, Walmart and Price Chopper here I come. That’s it other than watching a lot of Monk on the boob tube. What a stupid show, I really need to improve the quality of my entertainment. 

James did call and ask if we would like to come over for dinner but I had to decline because of Chris being so sick. However James asked if I and him could go out for breakfast on Sunday morning. He’s even buying or maybe he just has a coupon for two for one price. He’s done that before, I think it’s funny because he makes three times the money that I do. It’s still very nice of him to ask me out, I get a little cabin fever when I just stick around the house all. 

Daughter just suggested getting a new puppy. But we already have two small Chihuahuas to take care of plus she’s got a child on the way. I don’t know what the hell she is thinking. A 70 pound bluetick hound is not my idea of a inside dog and our puppies would just make a small snack for this soon to be monster of a dog. I think she’s nuts, if she thinks, she needs a new dog in her life with everything else that’s going on. But if she insists that’s fine as long as she moves out immediately. 

Is this all that there is?

I took this picture at the zoo sometime back in the summer of 2017. I wonder what the poor animal was thinking about as he looked out through the bars of his cage.

  • Is this all that there is for me? Am I just here for this stupid humans enjoyment?
  • Oh god just please shoot me!
  • Get a little closer and I will bite your fucking face off
  • Give me a banana or a cake with a hacksaw in it.
  • Can I come home with you?

Well I’m not sure what he was thinking that day but I do know this, I look just like him when I go to work in the morning. I look like this when I drive the countless hours across the state of Kansas. I look like this when I realize that I’m in a cage too.